Banheiro pequeno planejado

Rehabbing a bathroom is a big undertaking, and if you go into it without a plan you are likely to end up with a finished bathroom that is not the one you envisioned. You have to decide on a lot of very different things, like what your style theme is going to be, as well as what the functional requirements are for this particular bathroom.

A big category in the bathroom is storage. There are several different types of storage needs in a typical bathroom, from open spaces in which to store towels so small places to keep toiletries. The best way to approach this is to think about the people who will be the main users of the space, and plan for their needs.

Banheiro pequeno planejado

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Obviously a bathroom needs a sink. Or does it need two sinks? if this is a half bath or 2nd bathroom, you will probably go with one sink. But if this is a master bathroom rehab, you are probably going to put in two sinks. This creates for questions to be answered, like just what kind of sink or sinks will be installed?

Another big part of rehabbing a bathroom is effectively mixing the functional needs with the design you have planned. Of course, your design is largely impacted by the functional needs, so you really can’t plan for one without having a plan for the other. For example, if you want a minimalist theme, that is going to be hard to achieve if you have a need for large areas of vanity storage and wall storage cabinets. it is possible, just harder to accomplish, so be sure to plan it out before spending any money.

Most styles of decor have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the availability of bathroom furniture items in that particular style theme. So unless you are thinking outside the box with a very different style choice you will have no lack of choices for all the various storage and furniture items you need.